View Full Version : A Mission From Last Night

10-21-2011, 12:40
Down on the range on JBLM last night, we conducted a HALO/para drop mission with 1SF Group. One hundred plus jumpers made their jumps safely and it was a privilege to support the group in completing their training. The group gave us 'Hooks a big thanks by sending the flight crew a case of beer. Now that is a reward to be proud of! I wonder if I can put that on my DD-214 or use it for promotion points? :D

Baht Dog
10-21-2011, 14:10
Glad to hear all went well. You know how the saying goes...any jump you can get up and walk away from is a good jump. Usually. Good to hear some traditions like beering are still going strong.

10-21-2011, 14:17
Yes, the fact no one was injured was very gratifying. Needless to say, having the beer tradition/award bestowed upon us is an honor I'll raise a glass to. I can't wait to support the next jump. A great, professional and yet relaxed group to work with. :munchin

01-08-2012, 13:48
On that jump, were the rigs used squares or t-11? I had been told the t-11 was still off line.