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10-15-2011, 10:38
i went to selection in September, class 10-11. midway through gate week i started having to "crack" my sternum to be able to breath comfortably. has anyone else run across this from selection? i am hoping it is a temporary side effect of carrying around telephone poles.i have been home 3 weeks now and have resumed regular pt. after chest exercises it is slightly uncomfortable in my sternum when i turn my head to the extreme left or right,especially while holding a deep breath. also the feeling of "needing to crack" my sternum is still there. it is not especially painful or limiting, just worrisome.

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10-15-2011, 10:51

10-15-2011, 14:34
You know enough to call this " crepitus". You probably then know it is not normal to have sq air. Do you have a regular doc? If you do, go there. Failing that, you can use the universal doc @ an ER.

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I think you've misinterpreted his complaint - it sounds like he doesn't have subcutaneous air, but is able to "crack" or "pop" his sternum when it feels out of place and afterwards feels more comfortable on deep inspiration.

10-15-2011, 17:07
with the pain with turning his head left or right, could be a popped ligament holding either a clavicular head or a costochondral separation...would give a crepitent feeling (subjective) and maybe palpable to an examiner. Have also seen a manubrium separate from the sternum proper from trauma.

Patton368: Have it checked out by the doc/PA.......


10-15-2011, 17:51
The real question is: will patton368 ignore a problem with the body or followup with medical evaluation??
Unresolved abnormalities like pain are a sign of injury or something being 'wrong' and to ignore it means
a) it could progress and negatively affect the body,
b) it eventually resolved and the body healed itself with non/less use and allowing the healing process to work,
c) the person thinks they can power through it and just ignore it waiting for it to resolve without allowing for proper healing
d) voodoo, prayer, wishing, meditating and magic creams will heal it


10-15-2011, 18:03
thank you for the advice, i will seek medical attention.