View Full Version : WTS/WTT Starlight Rifle Case 6x13x52

10-11-2011, 14:43
Brand New Starlight Cases 6x13x52 Rifle Case with Foam and Wheel
It's everything I needed for a case to last a lifetime....until I tried to fit it in my itty bitty trunk :(. If you have two carbines to carry, shotgun & rifle, 30"+ palma rifle, .50 cal, and other looong long-range rifle, this is the case to get! Will put pic later.

For sale $155 obo.
Local dealings will be your best buy. With shipping cost, it'd be quite pricey.

or trade with new or used (with foam) Pelican 1720 or Storm IM3200. I don't mind putting extra payment for these cases in good quality.

Retail for $230 with foam and wheel:
best online price I think

edit: case is sold