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07-30-2011, 12:11
With social media, internet sharing, cell phone cameras, personal privacy related to medical images has hit the legal mainstream. There has been a surge of 'legal action' by hospitals, businesses and attorneys related to the unauthorized display of 'protected' medical information/images.
Unless you possess, are in control of or have access to the signed release by a patient or their designated medical power of attorney, do not attach photos to your posts. Several medical providers have been fired and /or fined by publishing or sharing photos recently and it has become a new business opportunity for the legal type people (no offense to our attorneys here on ps.com).

It used to be okay to show a picture of a patient that had no identifiable marks, etc on it with the thought is could be 'generic' to an injury....now based on the wound or injury or medical condition shown along with the part of the body, description of the case, the timing of the post....conclusions can be drawn as to the owner of the injury, condition or wound.

So new advice has now been given and I would certainly welcome input by our legal colleagues . Posting of medical images is at your own risk and professionalsoldiers.com is not responsible for verifying but will be deleting or editing any picture that does not come with a disclaimer that permission has been given for the use of a medical image.

Thank you.

and yes this certainly affects me too:cool: