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09-09-2004, 09:02
I would like to begin a thread that discusses blast injuries.
My preference is to have people post "cases" that they have dealt with in the field. Please be as specific as you can be interms of circumstances (if not breaking any rules that govern that kind of information), i.e., indoors, outdoors, type of explosive used/suspected, ear pro, vests, etc.
We can discuss the diagnosis of injuries and general and specific therapies.
I'll include as much education in this one as I can... Unfortunately, the AD medical personnel will need more of this type of training...how much do they get pre-deployment?
so here we go........

09-09-2004, 20:36
Great idea considering the current engagements of our forces.

Here are two links to threads where this issue was discussed.


Everyone should review them and post questions, further information, new cases to workup, personal experience, etc as SWATSurgeon proposed. Definitely a topic that can be flushed out in a little more detail. :cool: