View Full Version : Pro Deals for us knife nuts!!

06-29-2011, 00:35
Ok.. a couple of things. If you havn't seen the Wicked Edge Sharpening system you need to watch the ******* demo http://www.wickededgeusa.com/demo.html

So anyways I emailed them to order a Pro-Pack and ask them if they offered a military discount. Bob Nash who emailed me from the company informed me they did offer a 30% military discount but, if I registered on promotive.com I could order it for 40% off.
This is the best Pro-deal website I have found. They have 152 companies that offer major discounts from Leupold to Benchmade to Eberlestock. If I had found this place while deployed I would be broke but.. I would have a bunch of bad ass gear! (and lets face it.. thats what's really important) You get instant access if you email them from your AKO. Thought I would pass it on. Dont forget to check out Wicked Edge!

06-29-2011, 00:39
Yep.....Talked at length here..... Great Deals