View Full Version : Bushnell/Horus HDMR. and .308 ammo

06-21-2011, 23:43
Trying to see if anyone would "rescue" me from a LR rifle project that's making less and less sense.

For sale Brand New In Box:

Bushnell HDMR 3-21x 50mm with HORUS H58 reticle
60 rounds of Prvi Partisan .308 175gr Match FMJ
140 rounds of Federal .308 Win 150gr FMJ-BT
200 rounds of Federal Gold Medal Match .308 168gr Sierra Matchking BTHP
100 rounds of Federal 7.62x51mm 175gr Gold Medal Match

All for $1299. Cash or cleared check. Local only

07-20-2011, 18:32
If you want to sell just the HDMR, I'll buy it from you. Thanks,

Oh I see you wrote local only. Nevermind. Good luck with your sale.

08-02-2011, 11:37
I've sent you a couple pm's.

10-19-2011, 11:18
Interested in the Bushnell HDMR also if its available, have cash and missed the deal on them. Thanks