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06-20-2011, 09:49
Just what the hail is a regimental mess? "Mess" to me means "chow." But it dont mean that anymore, in the current army. In the next generation it'll proly be the word to replace "command." That would mean teaching "Mess and Control" to officers and NCOs and we'd have "Change of Mess Ceremonies." Ha. Kidding.

Anyway, got word that 1st Gp just opened up a "regimental mess" facility. Its purpose is to be a social and professional center for 1st Gp. What does that mean? And do all groups have this, or are all getting it?

Also, 1st Group is asking for "SF historical and heraldry items," especially 1st Gp related, to go in this regi mess. Do any of youz know who to contact to get guidance on exactly what type of stuff they are looking for? T-shirts? Sweats? Team patches? It refs the group engineer as the occifer who opened the facility up on June 15th for viewing and operations. Is he the POC?

06-20-2011, 11:58
Interesting bit of Military History in a Regimental "Mess" that has changed through the ages and with the different services.

The usual ones were the Officers Mess, NCO Mess and the enlisted - oh, wait they had details to do.

In remote posts - and when you needed a pass to get off the post - they were the social clubs of the era. A place to "let your hair down" with your peers. But the mess had strict rules of conduct.

The increase in married troops, drinking age of 21 - and frowning on drinking in general just about killed off the Officers and NCO Clubs in the late 70's and 80's.

To get troops to come you have to offer them something they need.

tom kelly
06-20-2011, 15:59
There was Caruso's, on the corner of Hay St. diagonal to the Train Station; and a few doors up was Rick's " You had to watch the flying beer bottles" and there was the preimer social houses on Gillespie St....in more recent times @ 5 years ago there was Cloud Nine....I have been in Fayetteville for All American Week this year June 22 thru June 28 and more recently on June 16 & 17 while on my way to the 1st SFG(Abn) 54 year reunion. I plan to return to Fayetteville on June 27 &28 after the SFA Convention. Does anyone know the more recent "Social Club's " in the Fayetteville area? Not similar to Huske Hardware House at 405 Hay St. Fayetteville,NC ....IF YOU KNOW, PM Me Regard's, tom kelly

06-20-2011, 16:39
................ Does anyone know the more recent "Social Club's " in the Fayetteville area? Not similar to Huske Hardware House at 405 Hay St. Fayetteville,NC ....IF YOU KNOW, PM Me Regard's, tom kelly

If you're taking a cab back to the crib Charlie Mike's is a nice hang-out. Better with some PM work to friends and a few of them showing up.

06-20-2011, 17:57
Just what the hail is a regimental mess?

That's pretty much what the original meaning was dating back to the Brits during the Napoleonic Wars.


I think it has evolved a bit to mean a gathering of the Regiment officers and senior enlisted at a dinner. The central idea is the same but in a full blown dress formal, sometimes with the ladies..


I think it is sometimes called Dining In..

03-09-2013, 23:28
The "Regimental Mess Facility" is where the GRP gym and GRP MED used to be in the compound. They gutted it and have converted it into a multi-purpose facility. On one side, they've got a briefing hall with huge flat-panel TVs wired in for death by PowerPoint. The other side of the place, you will truly appreciate - it's a no shit Irish pub looking joint. Right down to the dark wood finished bar and row of taps with whatever kegs are handy. The tables are crafted of wrought iron crossed-arrows and daggers with glass tops. The legs of the bar stools are wooden pieces shaped somewhat like the Tori Gate. Some memorabilia has trickled in and the place is certainly worth a visit if you're ever in the Lewis area.