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06-14-2011, 00:30
I was originally going to sell the lower receiver and other stuff that I had and instead I decided to build it up and sell it as a complete rifle. This isn't a safe queen. It was made to be taken out and shot. Here are the details.

1. UPPER- Bravo Company, 16" hammer forged, midlength, lightweight, 1/7 twist barrel with true 5.56 chamber. It has an M16A2 flash hider, milspec bolt carrier group, Magpul MOE midlength handguards and PRI Gas Buster charging handle. The rear sight was a Colt carry handle that was cut down just like the LMT rear BUIS- http://www.lmtstore.com/accessories/sights/tactical-adjustable-rear-sight.html

2. LOWER- LMT Defender lower receiver with LMT lower parts kit, Magpul MOE pistol grip, Magpul trigger guard and the Vltor A5 stock system. Here is a link to the A5 system and it's design- http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Vltor-A5-Conversion-EMOD-Complete-KIT-Tan-p/vltor%20aebk-a5t%20emod-a5%20tan.htm

The A5 can be used with a carbine, rifle and SBR.

The furniture is all in FDE and I then painted the upper receiver and lower with Brownells Alumahyde in coyote brown. I then used Krylon earth brown and OD green for the overtones. To touch it up you simply wipe it down with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Then hit it up with the spray paint and it will look good as new.

After everything was done, I assembled it, performed all the necessary checks using milspec gages (headspace, firing pin protrusion, firing pin hole, and barrel straightness) I then took it out and did a functions check and zero. I used 4 different types of ammuntion. Prvi Partizan 75gr. match ammo, Federal 62gr. FMJ, Federal AE 55gr. XM193 and Herters 55gr. steel case. All ammunition cycled and fired as it should. I am posting a picture of the 25M zero target that I used. As you will see all 9 rounds easily were within the circle with the exception of the borderline flyer. This was shot using a simple pack on the ground in the prone position. I fired 85 rounds through the weapon. 12 were to zero and the rest for the function.

I AM ASKING 1050.00 DOLLARS. I will also swap the A5 system for a standard carbine tube, buffer and spring and the charging handle for a Bravo Company Gunfighter (medium) and will add a Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous selector lever for a serious cash buyer at no cost.

We can do a FTF in AZ or southern Nevada. I'll also ship to your FFL as well.





06-15-2011, 03:48
PRICE DROP- 1000.00

06-22-2011, 03:53