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06-08-2011, 14:42
John R. Alison, WWII Ace, Flying Tiger, Burma Raider...RIP at 98 (http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/john-r-alison-daring-wwii-ace-who-led-burma-invasion-dies-at-98/2011/06/07/AGZgdXLH_story.html)

Gen. Alison and Cochran’s unit, soon renamed the 1st Air Commando Group, has been credited as one of the American military’s first special operations forces. According to the Air Force, the mission in Burma marked the first U.S. aerial invasion into enemy territory and the first nighttime heavy glider assault landing. The 1st Air Commando Group also was the first American military unit to use helicopters in combat.

Red Flag 1
06-08-2011, 17:43
Rest In God's Peace General.

Utah Bob
06-08-2011, 17:43
Another great one gone. Rest in Peace, General.

Alison on the left.
Gainesville News story (http://www.gainesville.com/article/20110608/ARTICLES/110609490/-1/entertainment?Title=UF-grad-John-Alison-ace-World-War-II-pilot-dies-at-98)

06-08-2011, 18:16
A true American hero.

RIP General Alison

There was something special about the name Flying Tigers.

06-08-2011, 20:04
Rest In Peace

06-08-2011, 20:10
Rest in Peace, General. Thank you for your lifetime of service and sacrifice. You will ALWAYS be missed and NEVER forgotten.

molon labe

06-08-2011, 21:34
Great American and warrior....flying a P40 against Zero's was no piece of cake, he must of been good.