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05-24-2011, 05:37
Hello everyone, I'm a civilian who collects military ammo, and specialize in sectioning, or cutting in half. Got lots of questions about Special Forces and the ammo that they have used, and hoping will be helped out. In return, if anyone has questions for me please feel free to just ask. Its important to now what you are shooting, as well as whats being shot at you!

So heres the first question;

Shown below is a box and one cut round of a brown tip 7.62x51 tracer. This is different from the standard orange tip M62 tracer as it lights up green, not red. As the story goes, these were used by special forces and navy seals who were operating behind enemy line, making a ruse if they were engaged by the Iraqis. (There is also a .50 cal but has a green tip, since they already had brown.) Through contacts at Lake City ammo plant, a tracer comp G-284 was used which is R-284 with strontium nitrate replacing barium nitrate. These were developed rather quickly and sent into theater just before ground forces landed.
This is all info that can be found, does anyone have experience or stories about these? Thanks wolfganggross



05-24-2011, 06:30
Sorry, pic is not up, must go to work, already late! Will re-try this tonight. wolf

05-24-2011, 07:16
I thought the replies you received last December were accurate and fairly complete. Nes Pa??

Using the same color tracer as your advisory can be advantageous,, sometimes..


Your collection is impressive..



The Reaper
05-24-2011, 07:56
5.56x45 NATO Optimized

For short barreled rifles and carbines.


05-24-2011, 12:30
Thanks JJ_BPK for posting those links and the kind comments on the collection. Glad I'm getting a little help, always need it. Just noticed my img code is turned off, think permission is needed to turn on.
Yes the respones gotten were great, but still can't find anyone willing or able to talk about them. Its always stories from friends of friends that knew someone who used it. Far as we really know, they were made and sat in a warehouse somewhere. If they are in the collectors market, it can't be a secret. Would like to here some documented cases in use.
Reaper, sir, the 5.56x45 SOST brown tip is different question that will be asked at a later date. Trying to get my hands on it, but must join Marines to get some. Heard its a Barnes 70g TSX loaded to 5.56 velocity. Thanks wolfgang