View Full Version : Bragg apt on post available for rent

05-23-2011, 13:54
It's also posted on another thread. Mods, please delete if improperly placed here.

*Includes water, sewer, trash, electricity, full-size washer and dryer, $10,000 Renters' Insurance, high-speed Internet, and cable TV with one premium Showtime channel. Multiple storage rooms available, also garage avaible for rent. Gym, swimming pool, pool table, volley ball court, basketball court. Approx 0.25 miles to Comissary/PX, 1.9 miles to WAMC

2011 price is $747.50 for first floor apartment.
It's steep, but if you value safety, 24/7 quiet environment, ultimate reliability and geographic location that covers for traffic and GATE contingency with FORSCOM and USARC moving to Bragg, it's worth it.
Also right now there's about 100 in waiting list. This gets you ahead of 100 applicants.

If you're E6 and above, O1, O2, or O3, SF/SF candidate or work at WAMC, male/female, single, neat and clean, not party type, not allergic to firearms, nitrocellulose, brass, and numerous pointy instruments of varying length, please PM or email me. Move in date in the next 30 days.