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04-19-2011, 08:49
Got this from a contact that was a Marine Recon guy and needs some info on a perspective hire, any of you FOG know him? Might have been in the 19th, he lives here in Colorado but isn't a member of the SFA?


Thank you for your time in this matter I know how much time it takes to look
into these people.

I am a Former Recon Marine and have been a government contractor for a number of
years. So the claims Mr. Cox is claiming seemed a little farfetched.

His full name is:

Calhoun Writ Cox Jr.

He states SF and has claimed Ranger Status as well.

I have a bad copy of his DD214 It states Ranger School and Ranger Tab. He would
have gone to R/S somewhere in 64 to 70.

Also Claims Bronze Star, Army Comm, Nat'l Def, Vietnam Campaign w/ (Unreadable)
device, Vietnam Service Medal w/ 2 Bronze Service Stars, Ranger Tab, Parachute
Badge, 2 o/s bars.