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S. B. Newman
03-10-2011, 21:15
For those of you who might know him, SGM (RET) James "Jimmy" Judge is in the hospital going through bypass surgery in the morning 11 March 2011. General Reeder was his team leader back in the day. Not sure how to let Reeder know, but if somebody does, then please do!

Jimmy trained damn near every member of of the NG SF over the last 10 years so contact the SFC Daryl Conrad at the SFAIUC committe to find out more!


The Reaper
03-10-2011, 21:32
I plan to see BG Reeder Sunday, and will let him know then, if no one gets the word to him sooner.


03-11-2011, 11:34
SGM Judge; the man, the myth, the legend...

If it werent for that man I am not sure 20th's SFAUC program would have been the success that it is.

Talk about ruffling some feathers at USASFC, that guy sure did it.

I will keep him in my prayers.


03-11-2011, 12:49
God Bless,Get better soon,Prayers are on the way,Warrior...............;)

Big Teddy

S. B. Newman
03-11-2011, 19:57
Good evening everybody,

I just got back from visiting Jimmy this afternoon and there has been a few twists and turns with his condition. They went in this morning with the angiogram and determined that he didn't have a blockage so they transfered him from his room on the 7th floor, to the third floor PCU wilth a positive diagnosis and they were anticipating his release. Unfortunately, while he was in the PCU, he went into Cardiac Arrest and his heart actually stopped for a short time before the attending could revive him. Once he came to, he complained that he wasn't able to see very well so they ran a catscan and other tests that were not conclusive. During that time I linked up with his mom and one of his sisters and we waited until they were able to visit with him. Luckily they invited me in as well. He looked fine, color everything but he was slurring his speach a little and he couldn't remmember what had happened. The nurse said that was due to the sedatives they used during the surgery and that it would wear off quickly and he would be back to his normal self.

Anyway, they decided to move him to the ICU and keep him another night and we were allowed to visit him once more. This time it was his mother, myself and MSG Mike Conner, of the 20th Group. Jimmy really appreciated Mike being there. Anyway, this time he looked a lot better and was trying to tell his mom he didn't know what had happened in an attempt to protect her, but she had already been briefed by the doctor. When I left the hospital, he was in good spirits and very happry for the phone calls he had recieved. And was suprised that we had reached out to MG Reeder. He was a little embarrassed I think about all the attention. Anyway, unfortunately they do not allow cell phones in the ICU so he doesn't have his phone at the moment.

In the morning, I am going down to Birmingham to pick up his girl friend Molly...I know, I know, I will have to tell you later. Anyway, I am going down there to pick her up and take her over to Anniston so she can be there with Jimmy and his Mom. I think he is going to be ok, just had a scare this afternoon. I will come back up and make coms once I have returned from the hospitol on Saturday PM....Please feel free to send me a PM if you would like.

Oh, Jimmy is in ICU 8 at the Regional Medical Center in Anniston Alabama.


S. B. Newman
03-13-2011, 12:46
It looks like Jimmy is going to be ok! He has been receiving many phone calls from SF Brothers and that is a good thing. Today he is on his way over to UAB Medical Center for some tests. If everything is ok, he will likely be home in a day or so. If not, they will likely keep him there for observation. Worse case scenario at this time is that he may have to have a defibulator implant placed surgically into his chest. Should have more news later today. Thanks all for the show of support for our SF Brother.


The Reaper
03-13-2011, 13:49
BG Reeder is aware of this.


03-13-2011, 15:37
Steve - let me know if you need anything!

TR - thank you for alerting BG Reeder!

molon labe

Dog Pound Zulu
03-14-2011, 02:35
Praying for a quick recovery for you Jimmy. These events remind us that life is short. Fortunately for us 20th SFG guys, SGM Judge has had a dramatic impact on our warfighting readiness.

thank you Jimmy

S. B. Newman
03-14-2011, 07:14
Looks like Jimmy will be getting the difibulator implant this morning. The doc said that he didn't think Jimmy would ever need it but that it was better to be safe than sorry. So he is at the UAB Mecical Center in Birmingham today and will be there for at least one more night.

Thanks for all the support from everybody, Jimmy has really appreciated the phone calls and such.

God Bless


S. B. Newman
03-14-2011, 18:26
Apparently after Jimmy got out of surgery this morning he was telling his girlfriend and his mother along with other visitors stories about how when BG Reeder was his team leader they ate Armadillos and Guinea pigs. I assume it was while they were on deployment down range.

From the last word I received, he is now doing great, having had the surgery to place the defibulator implant this morning he is now receiving phone calls and chatting up a storm. His girlfriend is still at his side and she ordered him a large Starbucks coffee and a Chicken César salad so he hasn’t lost his appetite. This afternoon, BG Reeder called and they talked for awhile and that along with many other calls and visitors has made Jimmy feel very good I am sure.

Thanks everybody, I appreciate all that you have done. I may put out one more report tomorrow depending on the situation. As it stands right now it looks good for Jimmy and I know he appreciated all the support that has been shown for him.

God Bless the SF Brotherhood and those still serving! :lifter

Steve Newman

03-15-2011, 02:27
Great news. I was one of the multitudes of NG guys trained by you guys. Might have a pic of you (Steve) from JRTC in '02 around somewheres. Thanks for the updates. Will pray for rapid recovery for Jimmy.

S. B. Newman
03-15-2011, 13:54
Great news. I was one of the multitudes of NG guys trained by you guys. Might have a pic of you (Steve) from JRTC in '02 around somewheres. Thanks for the updates. Will pray for rapid recovery for Jimmy.

Would love to have a copy of that photo! thanks

S. B. Newman
03-15-2011, 13:56
Ok, this is the final update and it is very positive. Jimmy recieved his implant yesterday and is at Applebees today, getting lunch and planning on returning to Indiana with his girlfriend Molly. He has been released from the hospital with a clean bill of health, although he will have to live with a small defib implant. I spoke with him briefly and he was laughing becuase he had recieved so many phone calls from all over the world! It made him feel very much a part of this thing we call "The SF Brotherhood" and I am glad to announce that our brother is alive and well, Thanks everybody, for everything! :lifter