View Full Version : Found a coin

01-30-2011, 00:25
Somewhere along my travels I picked this coin up from an antique shop. I looked at the bottom of the coin below the SF DI and sure enough there was a name. It could be a last name or a first name. Either way I dont want to start posting pictures and names without a mod's or other QP's permission. I'd like to return this to the original owner if we can track him down.

If someone wants to shut this thread down and take this to a PM I'd gladly be willing to provide my email address. I'd really like to send it back to the original owner, if not I'll attempt to do it justice in my mini museum.

I will say this, it had the dragon with parachute and "3d special forces battalion" on top of the dragon and "1st special forces group (abn)" below the dragon.