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01-27-2011, 09:59
Just had a question..

I've been having floaters in my eye ever since AIT which was 2008. They scared the shit outt me so I went to the Optomotrist and he said that they were nothing to worry about, and as we get older the Vitreous detaches from the retina and that's the floaters. I began to see some flashes as well so I took a second opinion and went to an Opthomologist, where he checked the pressure, dialated my eyes etc.. and said everything was fine. I have my annual optometry appt. ever 12 months, had mine about 3 months ago, again had the pressure and my eyes dialated, everything checked out. I guess my question is will this be a Med-DQ for SFAS? I'm training up right now to prepare for SFAS and was just curious about if this would effect me. I couldn't find anything in the AR stating that it would be a DQ, but would just like any insight.