View Full Version : Rechargable batteries and charger brands???

01-25-2011, 14:45
For those one deployment or that have been deployed, does anyone have any suggestions to rechargable batteries and a charger? I've been hearing good things about Hybrio and Eneloop batteries? As for the charger, I am looking for one that I can plug into an outlet or had connections that I can hook up to a battery. I don't know of any brands that are good or that are rugged enough to last through a deployment. Any input is appreciated.

01-25-2011, 15:47
You might find something here


01-25-2011, 15:58
Here is a start http://www.powerfilmsolar.com/military-products/authorized-accessories.php

We are evaluating the solar charging aspects for remote activities to go with our other solar products but they have a host of charging products all listed under "military products". This company has been working with the Soldier Systems Center, Natick, Mass. for years.

If you go to their site (SSC) and dig a bit you will see some new chargers that are powered by kinetic energy of a soldier as you ruck at 3+ miles an hour. Always interesting stuff. Hope this helps...