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01-03-2011, 19:13
Anybody have any time in these? Look like beefy Nike's to me. Could be a great garrison/ light range boot. Been running the S2V's for a while, love them. Hopefully these turn out to be great for wear on those long admin days spent doing paperwork and "sensitivity" briefs.


01-22-2011, 20:50
I just ordered a pair from Ranger Joes, and I should be receiving them sometime next week. They weight 1.9lbs (or so they say). Well, once I receive them I shall conduct a series of ruck marches up to 18 miles. Hopefully they don't fall apart. Though if they do I still have 2 pairs of combat proven(or so I'd like to think ;)) Altima Ripple sole boots to fall back on. Either way I'll keep QP.com posted with updates.

And, as always have a good one! \m/

01-23-2011, 22:12
Thank you for the reply. I couldn't find them on the Rocky site when I first started looking into them and was worried it was some kind of scam or knock off. Can't wait to hear your opinions after wear.

wet dog
01-23-2011, 22:38

I'm reminded of the Muppet's with the dog "Doc", who is introduced with the Ms. Piggy, with them looking overhead listening to the sound of the PA system.

These look great, so be sure to send a report.

From my experience, boots that list "breath-ability", really means sand invasion.

"Speed lacing" mean equal distribution of thread pressure, not always a good thing since the lower foot may require a tighter lace but allow the upper foot more blood flow. Each person is different, consider an agressive lacing style, tight lower, loosy-goosy upper.

With heavy rucks, too light a boot will only fatigue the soldier's feet, same goes with too heavy a boot, but then it's the legs and hips.

"Padded comfort", really means water/sweat absorption. If you want confort, wear two pairs of socks, one thin, the other thick. Change socks when wet.

Still a big fan of thick soles, heavy leather built boots.

The ruck will pound your feet to nothing, so keep the foundation strong.

Be sure to update us after the 18-20 or 100 mile (week long) rough terrain trek.

01-28-2011, 01:17
I just received the Rocky C4 Trainers yesterday. It took 8 days for me to recieve them in Iraq, so you guys in the states should probably get them in roughly 5 days. I was so excited I preceeded to switch from my Altima Ripple sole boots to these right away. I must say after wearing nothing but issued/ripple soled boots for the last 2 years I noticed an immediate difference. I now understand the "sneaker boots"/"lighter than air" phrases that alot of my buddies have been saying about aftermarket boots. I could run all day in these things but I doubt it would be recommended ;) First thing I noticed was the sneaker like fit. Thank God I ordered a 1/2 size bigger. It provides just enough extra room for the foot expansion that occurs with walking all day/rucking long distances. The support is better than I thought it would be. As soon I opened the box I used 1 shoelace for the bottom half of the boot and another for the top to get the "custom" fit Wet Dog was talking about above. So far I can't find anything bad about them. Tomorrow I am going on a 4 mile ruck and see how they hold up to mediocre abuse ;) I'll keep you informed as promised.

08-17-2011, 12:54
Anybody have any time in these? Look like beefy Nike's to me. Could be a great garrison/ light range boot. Been running the S2V's for a while, love them. Hopefully these turn out to be great for wear on those long admin days spent doing paperwork and "sensitivity" briefs.


I got the boot, but first thing first, a hearty recommendation for uspatriottactical.com ! I'm in no way affiliated to them, just want to report an unheard of level of customer service. I ordered the boot (free next day shipping!!!), took it for a 6 miler, and saw some splitting on the side. I called them, was told to send it back for replacement. I got a replacement the next day! Once again, with free shipping!!! Truly by soldiers, for soldiers! I can't give praises and recommend uspatriottactical enough.

Now, the boot. The 2nd set I got, I superglued all around the sole based on previous experience. Also, if your middle toe is longer than the rest, a 1/2 size larger may be the way to go as the reinforced tox-box stitching in the front can be felt inside and it's rather coarse. Once you trot/ruck-run, blister on that area is guaranteed. I padded mine with a slick foam-wound dressing. Now it's flawless. wet dog is spot on on breathability. Sure it keeps the feet cool even at 105 degrees, but going through wet grass is enough to get your entire feet soaked! It doesn't dry fast either. You'd also feel rocks on your sole when you step on them. Durability-wise, it's definitely for POG wear. I'm a POG so I'm GTG :D After several 12 milers over sand/gravel, there's enough wear on the bottom that I could tell it's only good for perhaps 3 or 4 more trek. Oh, on wet surfaces, it is SUPER slick. No traction whatsoever. Even wet asphalt after rain would do it. It is very light and comfortable though. Running in them feels the same as running in tennis shoes. Once mindful of its trade-off's, I still highly recommend them.

11-14-2011, 10:28
I've tried them, and a lot of guys I know use and love them. They are a lot like the Nike SFBs in terms of being a super light weight sneaker soled boot. Like the Nike's, they have a very soft compound rubber for the sole (Just like Nike SFBs and "SOPC Special" soles, they melt nice half crescent shaped grooves in the soles when you do rope descents). As far as I'm concerned, these and the Nike's are great for garrison and ruck/road marches, not so much for patrolling, land nav, or any rough terrain with a ruck on your back.

Compared to the Nike SFBs, they come in Wide sizes whereas the Nike SFBs do not.

They also have more insulation/padding on the sides than the Nikes, so warmer in the winter, sweatier in the summer and will take longer to dry after immersion.

They seem to provide a bit more ankle support than the Nike SFBs, but the sole doesn't have that wide rounded edge that helps the SFBs resist ankle rolling.

The insole/boot in they come with is crap, insert your preferred one, just like with most boots.

Sizing is almost like the Nikes, except they have wide sizes. FWIW, I wear 10W Altama's, 11.5 regular Nike SFBs and running shoes, but 11.5W Rocky C4's.

Hope that helps,

11-24-2011, 08:57
These are terrible field boots, as far as durability is concerned, they dry fast but fall apart very quickly. If you bring these out to the field have some Shoe Goo handy to reattach the sole when it falls off. They're called "trainers" for a reason.

11-24-2011, 11:31
I wore these for SFAS and they were very comfortable, they held up ok despite the abuse and really didnt start showing any major wear until the second day of teamweek when the sole started to separate from the boot. I would recommend them for garrison or short runs or rucks, but they wont last for anything more than that