View Full Version : Fleck/ Christmas

12-25-2010, 09:37
Christmas morning, here in Marietta. Have a friend of 30 years visiting and I am wondering down memory lane as I have coffee, a Comacho cigar, and some Hennessy XO. I lived in Fleck when stationed at Bad
Tolz. I remember being invited to my landlords and to my surprise, there was a Christmas tree with candles burning on it. Only time that I have seen such a sight ! The old man put the candles out after just a few minutes with a blowgun, that he had obtained while
in Africa... Anyways, make merry and have a great Christmas.

12-25-2010, 11:39
The Christmas' I spent in Tolz were hands down the absolute best I have ever had or will have. The Bavarians do it right.

01-10-2011, 09:52
I have to laugh when I think about Fleck. Spent a bunch of time and DM's chasing a girl from Fleck but was getting nowhere. One night we were somewhere and she says to me "i'm liberated" in her best English. Turned out she wanted to she "I'm a lesbian". Took me a while longer to figure it out....

01-10-2011, 10:11
There was a great gast haus in Fleck. Ties had been cut off and were hanging from the ceiling.