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The Reaper
08-23-2004, 08:20
Went to the range yesterday and shot a Kel-Tec .380, a Para P-13, a Para P-12, an M-4, an SPR with a Lilja barrel, and my Remington PSS.

After shooting everything with Ball and JHPs, I decided to shoot some LeMas.

Function was flawless in all of the weapons, .380, .45ACP, .223, and .308.

Pressure signs were about the same as everything else. Some warm, nothing hot or dangerous though.

For those who have been asking about accuracy, the pistol rounds shot about as well as conventional ammo, and the rifle rounds held at or under under one MOA. It does shoot several inches higher than conventional ammo at 100 m.

I had a 1.25" steel plate I had been testing .50 BMG on sitting at the 10 yard line. I took a shot at it with the .308 PSS and Federal Gold Medal 168 gr. BTHP-M. All I got was a little surface splash, as expected. I then fired a round of the LeMas .308 Land Warfare. It penetrated almost all of the way through the target and blistered the backside of the plate.

Frankly, this was the most amazing thing of the day. I now need to get some 7.62 or .30-'06 Black Tip AP, and have another comparison. If I do, I will bring calipers to better measure penetration, and will bring my .300 WM PSS, which should push the bullet completely through the plate. I have fired the .300WM LeMas at a 3/4" steel plate at 100 meters and got consistent through and through penetrations.

This stuff would be great for checkpoints and security, as I have no doubt that it would be pretty effective on vehicles. Have not tried it on hard structures of masonry, stone, or mud huts though. Hard to believe it but the same rounds will stop in less than 4 layers of drywall.

That is also why it is limited to Mil/LE distribution, you don't want your alien abducted, PTSD disabled, tinfoil hat wearing neighbor down the street buying a box at Wal-Mart and slapping a mag in his Mini-14 to engage black helicopters with.