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08-21-2004, 20:40
To all,
what are the active duty medics using for surgical airways, i.e., what equipment do they carry to secure an airway in the neck?
I figured this is not sensitive info, so if you can be specific I would appreciate it.
I am one of those trauma surgical educators that believes that what you learn in a book is a great foundation but the real world conditions dictate altering/modifying what the 'correct' or book procedure is. The best medics and docs are the ones that have the fund of knowledge that takes them 1, 2, ...6,7,8 steps further than the next guy who runs out of "ways to do it".
That hopefully is why I was asked to be part of this distinguished group by Team Sargeant.
Thanks for any info you can share.....inquiring minds want to know..
BTW, if I seem opinionated , I am...I am also educable (able to learn from everyone). I tell our residents all of the time that my way is better until someone proves me wrong, then I'll change to that way.....always learn, it helps save lives.

08-21-2004, 20:55
I'm not AD, but I always liked a cut down ET tube. If I have time, I'll run a suture through the tube and sew it to their neck. If not, I tape it.