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12-12-2010, 00:11
Thanks 7th Group for the hospitality when we came for the 08 graduation. I'm the guy on the right with the Barrett.
We were there to support a family member who's Dad could not be there due to WTC.

12-14-2010, 15:58
Here are another picture from the F.D.N.Y. visit to Bragg.

Thanks again 7th.

12-14-2010, 16:06
I always wondered if any of the NYFD ever visited Bragg. Thats excellent. I always felt like we were the executers of their revenge, which they rightfully deserved.

12-14-2010, 16:32
I'm pretty sure I met you along with the rest of the group during your visit. Everyone was at Charlie Mikes. One of the group (can't remember who) sent me a Camp Bucca t-shirt and a memorial plaque IMO Ron. They asked that I arrange to have ot hung at CM's where it hangs today. Welcome aboard...Thanks for your service.

12-14-2010, 18:07
Roger That
Charlie Mikes was great!
It might have been Ron's brother who sent the shirt and plaque it would be good to get a picture of that if you can and send it to me.
I will put it up in all the bases.
Ron knew what was going to happen after the 1st attempt we were both there and a part of that investigation. He often told us that they won't give up he even had plans of the tower in his locker.
He was always prepared and ready to go.
I would thank all of you for your service and if we get down there again maybe we could fit in a jump or two.

Thanks my Brothers