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12-02-2010, 12:46
Please pass on to those who may be able to help.

Dear 10th Group SF Association Members,

I am LTC Steve Osterholzer, the Public Affairs Officer for 10th Group and Iím writing to request your assistance in honoring Trojan Warriors past, present, and future. I am responsible for creating a 10th Group Historical Display, which will be built in the new DFAC expansion here on the Group Compound this Spring. We have quite an ambitious plan to include wall-size photo collages, COL Bankís dress uniform, and numerous historical artifacts that capture both the history and the spirit of the 10th Group Warriors. It will be first-class and will not only honor Green Berets of the past, but serve to educate our younger soldiers on the Groupís proud history.

A key component of this are several display cases in which we highlight numerous items of historical or operational significance and this is where we need your help. We are organizing the cases by era and a working group with historical knowledge jointly decided what should go in each. Some eras we have enough stuff for but weíre lacking in others. If you have items that would be appropriate for this display, we ask that you consider donating or lending the items. It is your choice if you wish to donate the items permanently or to lend them to us, with you retaining ownership and the ability to have them returned to you at any time. If selected for display, a small placard would describe the itemís significance and identify you as the provider.

Some of the items have been specifically identified and others will be determined by what we can resource through the Association, current Group soldiers, and the museum at Bragg. Specifically we are looking for the following:

- 1950ís-60ís Type 1 or two ski parka, reversible with fur trim
- Vietnam-era tiger-striped uniform (top)
- Crossbow
- Ghillie suit

The two eras we are most in need of are the 90ís through OEF 1 and 2004 to current. For those eras we are focusing primarily on equipment and operations. If you have an old dive tank, HALO mask, maps of a historic mission, etc. that you think would be appropriate and interesting to display, we would be grateful if you would consider donating/lending it to us.

No knives or firearms can be displayed due to security issues, and we ask that you get back to us by December 21st if you have something we can potentially use. Please provide us a short description of the item, historical significance (if any) and if you would like to donate or lend us the item. A digital picture would also be greatly helpful but is not required. I can be reached at steve.osterholzer@ahqb.soc.mil.

Thank you in advance for assisting us in honoring all Trojan Warriors.

Steve Osterholzer