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11-29-2010, 14:13
Currently a third year med student now at MCV. Starting to schedule my fourth year internships, I will be applying for an EM residency. I am still interested in working w/ SOF as a doc. Interested in hearing what EM programs or tier one trauma centers the MD's or QPs here recommend looking into to do an away internship at, preferably one where I could also apply to for residency.

Also any contacts that would be interested in having someone with these interests apply to their programs, I am looking to make contacts.

Thanks for your time

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11-29-2010, 20:11
From an EM perspective on Trauma, I would recommend Einstein or Temple in Philadelphia, or Lehigh Valley Hospital just west of Philly, Shock Trauma in Baltimore, Washington Hospital Center in DC.
Just a few......


11-30-2010, 10:15
My wife did her residency through UMKC at Truman in Kansas City. It's downtown KC, so its a pretty rough place. She became pretty good at holding people down using pressure points, and holding chicken buckets over people's faces to get them to shut up. But, lots of work for ER docs in Missouri. She just left St. John's in Springfield, to go to Skaggs hospital in Branson, Mo. Almost 2x the pay.

12-01-2010, 00:38
The RRC has done a very good job at making most the EM programs solid. It depends on what niche you're interested in. Once you've had a decent amount of exposure to trauma, it tends to become more cookbook (as the trauma surgeons will be doing the hard work...we're stabilizing them so they can get to the OR). The medical cases tend be to less cookie cutter and more complex from an EM perspective.

The program Directer at the Medical College of Georgia (Augusta, GA)spent some time in the service (Army) and they get a decent variety of pathology as well as trauma.

The program at Grady/Emory (ATlanta, GA) provides plenty of variety and trauma as well. We had 8-10 shootings my last shift.

If I recall correctly, VCU (Richmond, VA) gets a decent variety of pathology and sees a decent number of traumas. I know a few folks who did residency there and liked the program.

I like SWATSurgeon's suggestions of Einstein, as well.

I'm not as familiar with the other programs (didn't interview/rotate/work there)

Any idea of what niche interest you may be interested in?



12-01-2010, 05:33
If you want good exposure, you need to train in Level 1 trauma center of a large city, preferably one that is also the local/regional burn center. If you want a lot of stab/GSW case exposure, you'll want to go to a city with a high crime rate.

SwatSurgeon has some great east coast recommendations. I would also look at Atlanta and, if you want to head to the midwest, St. Louis. Regardless, if SS is willing, you might want to keep in touch with him throughout your process of selecting residency programs which you are considering for the match as he will most likely have good insights he can share.

HTH, good luck, and enjoy your 4th year - it was one of my favorite parts of medical school. Make sure to take a radiology rotation and if you want to have a light duty rotation between some scting internships/heavy call rotations, I would consider taking a dermatology rotation as well.

18C/GS 0602
12-02-2010, 07:58

I agree with other people that have posted; you need to go to a program that is a level 1 trauma center. Also if you are interested in going into EM you need to spend your limited away rotations on programs that you are interested in matching at. It allows you to get insiders look at the program and it allows the residency program to get a more in depth look at you.

Emory in Atlanta is a good residency program and Grady their main training hospital is a great place to be a medical student. They see a lot of trauma and you get a lot of autonomy and experience as a medical student.

Cincinnati is a place you might want to look at. They are a level 1-trauma center and see a very high percentage of penetrating traumas. The residency program is top notch. Several of the Trauma Surgeons are Air Force and it is one of the training sites for the Critical Care Air Transport Teams.

Good luck.

12-02-2010, 09:22

MCV is a Level 1 Trauma Center. Are you looking for different exposure, patient volume or different region of the US? Washington Hospital Center is an option. We see some GW residents also at Fairfax Hospital, also a Level 1 Trauma Center.


12-03-2010, 11:32
Excellent advice here as always - thank you. Just finished my ob/gyn shelf today and will work on researching these different programs over the weekend.

Woot- As far which niche, my subspecialty interests in EM I want to explore more are: prehospital/critical care/ disaster medicine/sports med, but part of what I like about EM is that you have to embrace being a generalist as welll since one has to be able to evaluate everything. I did meet one SF doc during a hyperbarics course I took who was into undersea medicine and had a pretty nice gig on key west.

FXCO- I know MCV is tier one, but for internships forth year its about picking a good spot to train in your interests, getting exposed to other hospitals, and meeting new people in the field so one can land themselves a spot in a residency. And so people can meet you and determine if you are a competent and cool person to work with. MCV is great, but looking to see what other places are like as well.

12-04-2010, 00:08
If you're thinking of doing an EMS/pre-hospital fellowship, you may want to take a look at places that offer a fellowship. This way you avoid the headache of moving and can potentially get involved in EMS as part of your electives.



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old thread, but got away EM rotations at Einstien and LeHigh!


thanks for the advice!