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11-19-2010, 16:24
Hello everyone, I am currently in the reserves and preparing for SFAD coming up in Jan. I was wondering if anyone knew a good place to go on a ruck march in the DFW? I have googled trails but none seem to be more than 3miles. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

11-19-2010, 17:23
32.984512,-97.067342 northern Grapevine Lake. Paved and dirt trails galore. Decent elevation changes.

33.08507,-97.021122 Lake Park (Lewisville Lake). Flat but sandy (read: loose dirt) 'beaches'.

Heard great things about White Rock Lake but never made it out there.
Lived all over the metroplex; wherever you are, there are trails close.

x SF med
11-20-2010, 10:36
Benbrook lake has a trail completeluy around it. The Trinity Trail in Ft Worth (south of TCU to downtown) is good. Go down to the Cleburn area for unimproved trails.

Oh, one final piece of advice - do some of your own research, map recon, and use a little initiative, two of the three of them are graded in SFAS....

11-22-2010, 10:20
Used to ruck the trinity trail before, a little far of a drive for me now. Will Definitely check out Grapevine and Lewisville. Thanks for your help.

11-22-2010, 10:55
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11-23-2010, 18:28
I used to ruck around White Rock Lake. It's an 8 mile circuit with plenty of places to replenish water and make pit stops. Put a reflective belt around your ruck so that the cyclists see you.