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11-13-2010, 23:09
Greetings All
Im looking at this pack for use in the mountains in Afghanistan.

Currently have an MR S.A.L.T and MALICE II so Im good to go for the larger packs.

My old ALICE medium at 2400ci has been my go to bag for most dismount work here and has performed well. Only thing is its getting old, will break soon, and the straps dig into my armpits over body armor and arms start to go numb at around 2-3k.

A little background on this old pack...I bought it for 20 bucks 5 years ago, and its been to Iraq, now Afghanistan, and has been my range bag too. Its served me well.

Anyway, I need something as a 1-3 day bag that can carry a couple 5990s, water, a few 60mm mortar rounds, yet be small. It might need to carry a PSC-5 at times as well.

Im looking at the F3F FAC Track vs Kifaru Xray. Both packs seem to be very well constructed and thought out. The Xray comes in at 1800ci which is a little small. The F3F is 2500ci and has a couple external pockets for Gortex etc. Both are top loaders as well as panel loaders.

I have feedback on the Xray already from a team guy.

But I would like some feedback on the F3F and on Eberlestock as a company all around.

Would appreciate it if the feedback came from SOF personnel who use this stuff in the field, or Infantry as well.

Thanks in advance.

11-14-2010, 09:18
Not SOF, but I've humped mountains with the infantry from 1 to 6 days at 8k+

Have you looked at the Mystery Ranch 3-Day BVS? I want to say it's about 2500ci, cradles your back plate to stay stable, and was built around the 117F. It's become standard issue for conventional JTACs. You can strap the 60 rounds to the side and a small sleeping bag/ranger roll on the bottom if you are a big girl about the cold like me.

11-14-2010, 10:50
Not SOF, but I've humped mountains with the infantry from 1 to 6 days at 8k+

Have you looked at the Mystery Ranch 3-Day BVS?

Thanks for your input.

Yes I have looked at that bag and do have them here. Also have a bigger MR bag that works very well.

Not a fan of their bag design, dont like the Y zipper, and hate the long tubular pockets of the bigger bags. Their supsension is superior. The S.A.L.T bag I have makes a fine admin bag but I dont want to use it in the field.

Im looking for any feedback on the F3F bag in particular.

Or any that have used this brand in the field.

A couple of our Bravos use a larger bag of this brand (issued to them) and they have nothing but good things to say (found that out today).

Im thinking of pulling the trigger based on that alone.

11-15-2010, 10:36
Just a heads up... go to promotive.com and register. Its a mass prodeal site for over 120+ vendors and ebrlesstock is one of them. Apply for the MIL/DEPT of Defense team and wait about a day for it to be approved. Once you have access you log on and you can go to thier webpage. The discount for them is huge, 40-50% off IIRC. Good luck-

11-15-2010, 10:42
Im not sure how much they were going to be for you, but I just checked for shits and giggles-
35% off-

ACU- $187.85
MultiCam- $213.85

s/h is $20.95

11-17-2010, 00:06
I went ahead and purchased this pack. Ill let everyone know what I think of it.

I bought it based upon the recommendation of a couple of the Bravos here. They not only use thier scabbarb version for long guns, but a 60mm mortar as well.

I prefer to buy from the vendor directly so I got it straight from Glenn-

11-24-2010, 12:07
Got this bag tonight just in time for some work.

I can say from looking closely at it that it is very high quality construction and materials and well thought out. Its exactly what I was looking for.

This will be perfect for humping the steep mountains around here with the equipment I use.

11-24-2010, 18:08
ccrn, do you think it would play nice with a camelback on ones body armor, or would that cause it to be unstable?

11-25-2010, 00:31
ccrn, do you think it would play nice with a camelback on ones body armor, or would that cause it to be unstable?

Cant really comment on that yet as I havent taken it to the field.

Will use it on a op soon so will be able to give it an AAR then.

It does have a few places to put a bladder including two outside sleeves on either side of the pack. But not really a seperate pocket that you can slide an entire camelback into with a 117 or PSC-5 at the same time. You could put one in the main pocket with the rest of your gear and run the tube out one of the antenna ports fairly easily. There is a space slash pocket between the internal frame and main compartment that is meant for a bladder (it has a hangar). You might be able to put an entire camel back in there but I havent tried yet.

Im thinking of fastening one onto one side, and a hatchet or other tool to the other side. It doesnt have ballests like the MR bags do but then again I dont really like those and they havent really worked that well from my perspective.

To know where Im coming from, this bag is meant to relace a 30 year old ALICE meduim. So its a big leap ahead either way. This is not a high volume bag by any means at 2500ci. If you want bigger I would go with the Half Trac. I believe someone did a write up on one in the 18E forum.

As far as water goes Ive been putting 3 500cc bottles in one pocket of my meduim ALICE, then 1-2 in a cargo pocket. That gives me as much water as my 2.5L camel back as it is-