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10-26-2010, 22:11
While I was looking for some old friends on FB last week, I ran across Mr. Edward G. Davis. He listed himself as being retired SF, so I sent him an invite here. This is the resulting conversation.

Between Edward G Davis and You

Ricky Winters October 23 at 4:24pm Hey Ed, Thank you for your service. What was your SF MOS? Were you in 10th Grp? Come join us at this link. I am sure you will find some old friends. http://professionalsoldiers.com/forums/index.php
Professional Soldiers
Home of the Quiet Professionals. A website dedicated to the Special Forces Soldier.

Edward G Davis October 23 at 7:22pm Report
16Delta 5yrs ret in 2001 .

Ricky Winters October 23 at 7:23pm I thought your profile said you retired from SF. .

Edward G Davis October 24 at 9:54am Report
i was the medical detachment 11 grp from 97 till 2001went sf in 96 was assighned in 97 .

Ricky Winters October 24 at 5:03pm Oh, so you weren't really Special Forces. You were assigned to a Special Forces unit. The way I read your profile, I figured you had been an 18C and maybe reclassed to an 18D, retiring from SF. .

Edward G Davis October 24 at 5:20pm Report
16 Delta is a medical tech sergent and i served as medical consult on several missions that wer classifiedand yes i was special forces from 97 till i was forced into retirement after seveing 15i went to special forces school for three wks and did that and went on to delta school and completed that and was emediatly assighned to 11grp .

Ricky Winters October 24 at 7:20pm 16D is not a Special Forces MOS. Special Forces "School" is not three weeks long. The 11th SFG(A) was inactivated on 15 Sep 1995. The regular army medical MOSs used to be 91 series; they are now 68 series. In order to BE Special Forces, you have to have completed the "Q" course. A Special Forces unit is not going to take a "med tech sgt" on any mission, let alone a classified one. A Special Forces Medical Sergeant has much more training and experience than any med tech ever would so there would be no need for them. Explanation?

I haven't seen him reply to my last transmission yet.

This is a link to his site: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=...?id=1835689567

10-27-2010, 04:56
Edward G Davis - POSER

I think we need a FaceBook Poser check list. "TRADOC FM 99.x How to Expose a FB Poser"

As I understand FB, all your comm with Edward is hidden from the rest of the world. How do we out these scumbags??


10-27-2010, 08:33
Maybe start a facebook page just for that? We could call it "Posers amd Wannabes" or something like that. Actually, that might work. There are pages for everything else.

10-27-2010, 11:05
Maybe start a facebook page just for that? We could call it "Posers amd Wannabes" or something like that. Actually, that might work. There are pages for everything else.

I think rdret is on to something here............ :D "Posers and Wannabes" sounds pretty good to me............;)

Big Teddy :munchin

10-27-2010, 18:55
Ed didn't reply to my last PM to him for a couple of days. This is what transpired today:

Ricky Winters October 27 at 10:36am Ed, are you going to attempt to explain any of the discrepancies I have brought to your attention? .

Edward G Davis October 27 at 12:41pm Report
No i was to busy going to school alot of the reclass you are talking about was when they first started changeing things around but i did have to go to school because of the changes like the bravo became whiskey and the whole restucter of it all i didn't keep up to much because i wasn't happy they wer retireing me due to injury's and they didnt take me just for my medical skill's my first 10 yrs. i was in the engineers as EoD specialist so i did have cross training and the medical part of it was a bonus but yes you are right about all the restructur that was going on .and it took a little more time then expected .be cause of the schooling you had to pass the course and in a nut shell my mos. was frankly a paramedic my job was to keep you alive from point a to point b by any mean's possible.Not to mention i don't care to talk about my time in the military !It wasn't all good some i wish i could take back alot but that's not going to happen !Now for one i don't know you from adam and i don't feel i should have to prove anything to you or anyone else im just trying to live the retired life wich im finally starting to let go>But uncle sam is paying me after 15yrs instead of 20 and i didnt pass the mental eval and i was retired when i was supposed to re-enlist so i hope you understand why i walked an didn't look back nor did i keep up with all the changes.You know i thought you wer going to be a new friend but if i have to prove everything i did i don't need the hassle Thanx......................Ed .

Ricky Winters October 27 at 5:50pm Ed, the same goes here. I thought you were going to be an ex-SF veteran. It is obvious now that you are a poser. Nothing you have said makes any sense and is easily refutable. I sent you the link as I originally thought you were ex-SF. I see that you are not nor ever have been. Those of us who are take extreme exception to posers. You may want to look into the POW Network http://www.pownetwork.org/ and remove references to being a Special Forces soldier from your profile.

We will see if he responds to this.

10-27-2010, 19:05
... and i didnt pass the mental eval ...

'nuff said.

The Reaper
10-27-2010, 19:32
Another ass clown, stealing from the taxpayers and other vets.

Should probably be incarcerated for fraud.


10-27-2010, 21:55
i lik thh weigh, win they git nervus, spelng iz the furst thing too goe.

10-28-2010, 06:07
I believe that 16D was a Hawk missle repairman.

Dozer, his spelling never was very good, it is worse thn mine and that is terrible! :D

10-28-2010, 06:35
I believe that 16D was a Hawk missle repairman.

I guess that's while it's in flight?
It could explain the mental eval problems.

10-28-2010, 07:08
PWI (Posting While Intoxicated)

He is an example of why you should not be Face Booking after a few too many adult beverages.

Green Light
10-28-2010, 08:14
I guess that's while it's in flight?

You beat me to it. :D