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10-14-2010, 18:38
Hello all,

I'm starting this thread in order to hopefully provide a solid resource for this board's members to be able to work on tight joints/muscles. The link posted at the end of this is to a wesbite run by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He also owns CrossFit San Francisco. The website was started by him in order to provide a regimen of stretching and mobility work designed to help athletes work on their nasty tissue/joint mobility. The "workouts" are very short and can be done every day. There is no cost involved in order to be able to watch the videos. Hopefully you all will find this as helpful as I have. :)


10-14-2010, 21:41
Good post. Here's another link to a foam rolling manual, this makes me feel fresh after every single workout, really gets the knots out of the muscles.


10-15-2010, 09:17
Foam rolling is good stuff. I recently started using a piece of PVC pipe and that works even better. A little more uncomfortable, but much more effective. And for a really targeted approach, a lacrosse ball works wonders.