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08-30-2010, 11:05
CSM Devere was a good friend and mentor, he will be missed.


Tribute to a Warrior, Brother, and Friend
It is with sadness of heart that I inform the membership of the passing of Donald DeVere, SOA # 018, SFA D-436. Don passed at 3:00 AM on this date, August 28, 2010. Don was an original member of Special Forces and was one of the early members of our Association.
Those of us who have served with Don are aware of his professionalism as a Special Forces Soldier. He was the consummate “Quiet Professional”. In 1966 and 1967 Don served in MACVSOG. Don as the Recon Team Leader or “One-Zero” of Team Oregon, trained his team to perfection and then led it into numerous target areas in Laos. Don and Special Forces Soldiers like him are the legend in the “Legendary” of MACV Studies and Observations Group operations.
Don was not a stranger to the other elite units in the 5th SFGA. As the First Sergeant of the Project Delta Reconnaissance Company, Don led by example and kept his finger in the operational mix. On one operation, his team made contact and required extraction under duress. When Don’s son, assigned as a gunship pilot in the 281st Assault Helicopter Company heard that his dad was in trouble, he flew his gunship out and participated in the extraction of the team. Don had a panel marker inside his hat and when his son identified it, Don told his son to shoot everything around the orange dot.
Don was a true “Warrior”. A quiet man, cool under fire and accomplished in all aspects of the Warrior ethos. His professional demeanor and competence inspired those around him. He was exactly what you would expect a twenty year Special Forces “Quiet Professional” and a “Warrior”, to be.
Don’s wife, Mary Ann, sons and daughter were at his side when he passed to that special place where Warriors gather on the other side.


There will be a memorial service for CSM Don DeVere
18 September 2010, 4:00 PM
LOCATION: 2640 Canyon View Drive, Santa Clara, UT.*
Please join the DeVere family and fellow SF friends as we gather to share Don's impact on our lives.
Don's wife Mary Ann has asked that any Donations in Memory of CSM Don DeVERE be made to:
Special Operations Association (SOA)
Clyde J. Sincere Jr.
598 N. 1620 W.
St. George, UT. 84770-5123

For those attending SOAR XXXIV, there will be a sign up, so the DeVere family will have an idea of attendees. Don asked that the attendees "Hook One For Me". **
We plan on making sure that everyone in attendance will be able to do at least one, and more.

** St. George UT. is about a two hour drive from SOAR XXXIV (120 miles)

** Motel locations and telephone numbers in the area will be furnished at SOAR XXXIV, along with a clear map showing how to get to the motels, for the memorial gathering.

** From any Motel in St. George area less than 15 minutes to the memorial gathering location.

We will see about obtaining the best rate for the motels in the area for those who can make the service, all printed info and sign ups will be available at SOAR XXXIV.

If you have any questions please contact Charles Berg at 707 326 4425

Family POC info: Mrs. Mary Ann DeVere
1982W 1900N
St. George, Utah 84770-5183
(435) 673-7082

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RIP CSM DeVere, Vaya con Dios..

wet dog
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Rest in Peace CSM Devere, thank you for breaking trail for so many of us to follow.

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RIP CSM Devere

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ObitsUtah.com (http://obitsutah.com/show_obit.php?id=1772)

From the obit: "No flowers. Just raise a glass (or 2) in my memory."

Will do, Sir. Thank you for your service and RIP....

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God Bless,Rest in Peace Warrior..............:(

Big Teddy

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Rest In Peace, CSM.