View Full Version : if you have questions about FL

08-26-2010, 10:19
Hey everyone,
I use to be stationed at 6th RTB before I came to group so I know the area. I am deployed right now but I just moved my wife to crestview. I had an awesome realtor that helped alot with buying/building a house. It was my intial house that I have bought so if it wasnt for her I would have sucked big time.
If anyone has question about the area or is looking for a awesome realtor. Just PM me and I will get you here contact info or PM me with your contact info and I will forward it to her. She also hooked me up with a BofA lender that gave me $1000 towards closing so I had to pay nothing when it came down to close.
once again, just send a msg my way and I will be glad to help out.