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Angry Mike
08-19-2010, 17:50
I am traveling up to the custom knife show at the downtown Sheraton, San Antonio this Saturday 21 Aug. Believe it opens around 10:00ish.

Sorry for time of the note, but if anyone is in the area and is coming by, stop and say hey to John Horrigan.

He is the reason I am heading up really as John, Robert and I were all in 3rd Batt back in the day.


08-19-2010, 19:50
I told John that I would be by at around 1500 or so. I gotta work a TCCC lane at Bullis in the AM, then heading over to the show. I think he went down tonight.


Bill Harsey
08-19-2010, 21:49
Please give John our best!

08-19-2010, 23:19
I agree with Sir Bill - please give John OUR best and wish him great success at the show!:D:D:D

molon labe:lifter

08-20-2010, 23:35
here is the address just in case anyone needs it.

Sheraton Gunter San Antonio
205 East Houston Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205