View Full Version : 10th Group Coin found at Devens

08-19-2010, 13:17
A friend of mine sent me this:

A woman working for the state on Devens found a Special Forces coin in one of the old Devens housing areas. The name on the coin is

John Knight, 29 Mar 83. If anyone knows who this is or knows his family I can contact them. Sheila would love to get the coin back to the rightful owner.

Anyone know him or have contact info?

08-19-2010, 18:36
A friend of mine sent me this:

Anyone know him or have contact info?

How much beer does that cost? :eek:

08-19-2010, 20:20
Don't know, but If I'm the one that locates him he's gonna owe a bunch....:lifter

08-19-2010, 21:44
Thanks CSB,

I'll forward the info you sent me.

08-20-2010, 09:30
I put this out to my SF distro list and Dave B remembers him. I'll check AKO and see if he's in there. By the way, I'm putting together a World Wide SF distro list of mostly 10th guys, current and former. I had one for here at NORTHCOM only and Riccky Clark down at SOCOM added some of his guys so we decided to put a combined list together. If you want on it send me a note at donald.bennett@northcom.mil
Pass this on to anyone you may think that would want to be on it. At the end of the month I'll send it out to all who are on it and keep it updated.


John Knight used to be a team leader in B/3-10, ODA 325 and did a tour in Lebanon…don’t know where he went after Devens…

David C. Beach
N2A2S Team--Booz Allen Hamiliton
USNORTHCOM J34 Law Enforcement Threat Information Cell
Peterson AFB, CO 80914-2345
(719) 556-0896 DSN 834-0896

08-27-2010, 00:07
Confirmed... John Knight was our team leader on ODA 325. I was Comm. Spvsr. on that team back then. Don’t know of his whereabouts now. B i l l

08-28-2010, 11:39
I hope this coin finds its way home... Nothing earth shaking on the grand scale of geo-politics or anything; just a cool story developing...