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08-11-2010, 23:28
I was in service between the LBE and LBV. I hated the LBV. I had a mesh vest that I purchased from US Calvary and in Thailand I got prickly heat in a bad way. I then switched back to the LBE. I was wondering what opinions you guys have regarding web gear in jungle / wooded areas that are hot and humid? Good ole' LBE, chest rig, chest rig and belt combo, etc... I have searched and can't find anything.

08-12-2010, 02:10
Assault vest with mesh net everywhere possible worked fine for me.

wet dog
08-12-2010, 02:58
Vests are so-so, ok at best, they tend to hold more than you really want to carry. I stuck with the LBE. On rare occasions, only (1) pistol belt, (1) 1911 .45ACP issued weapon. Several mag pouches (4), for .45ACP. We also wore flight suits for comfort.

In the event we wanted to get close to the ground, we could unfasten the buckle of the pistol belt on the LBE and lay flat. Team Sergeant was big on being comfortable, but dis-liked our unfastening buckles. When pulling a wounded buddy to cover, one tended to "undress" the fallen by pulling the gear off his body.

When not wearing a LBE, my jungle gear consisted of a stabo extraction rig, pistol belt, (4) M-16 mag pouches with grenade flaps removes, (2) 1 qrt canteens, butt pack, with second butt pack secured above, (TM gear, misc. medical, easily shared). On my body regardless of other gear, I carried (2) compasses, (1) small, flat Santo, the other, US Army issue. I carried jungle penetrating flares, IR chemlights, small, prep'd on a string, (1) MRE meal broke down in pant cargo pocket, (in three seperate portions), map of area, a portion of VS-17 panel, (4) M-16 mags in other pant cargo pocket, secured as to not rattle. Shirt, always tucket in pants. Field jacket liner or sweater was my only warm gear. Insect barrier for face carried in shirt pocket. Gloves, leather, always on.

Over my shoulder I carried a claymore pouch filled with hand grenades, (2) smokes, usually white and a PRC-90 radio.

In the event I lost my ruck, I was at least combat effective for a few short exchanges, or better yet, light enough to E&E quickly. I tended to also keep gear that was easily shared by others without having to stop, remove ruck, dig around awhile, reload, move out.

Hope this helps.

08-12-2010, 07:16
This is a topical question, for me, anyway.

I just got back from a fun 26 days at lovely Ft. Benning. I think Georgia in July qualifies as sufficiently hot and humid. A buddy who had just attended the same course advised me to bring something other than a chest rig, wisely. I took down my old LBE from back in the day, set up similarly to Wet Dog's. An old canvas H-harness, pistol belt, 4 M-16 pouches, 2 one quart canteens, and two compass/first aid pouches, and belt extender across the front, the better for laying in the prone.

I was glad I did. Not having my upper body encased in any kind of vest was well worth it, and it was more comfortable with the big green (in this case, Multicam) tick on my back. My ancient gear that predated the birth of some of the guys in the course got quite a bit of attention from guys stuck wearing a FLC.

So now I am trying to figure out the best way to reproduce this rig in a slightly more modern way. I am thinking of two PALS webbed platforms joined across the back by thin 2" webbing (so as not to interfere with the kidney pad of the ruck) and some kind of minimalist H-harness made out of the same kind of webbing, with adjusters either out of the way of contact points with the ruck or sufficiently low profile not to be an issue. The closest thing I have found is the Tactical Tailor MAV vest. I haven't had a chance to play with one enough yet to decide if this is really what I want. I am a pretty thin guy, so the size of the PALS platforms is important or they will just end up wrapped around my back under the kidney pad.

To answer the OP, IMHO, the old school LBE is still a good piece of gear, and I plan on sticking with that model for dismounted patrolling. I will still keep a chest rig for when I am going to be in a vehicle.

Mick Strider
08-12-2010, 07:38
What do you have to carry.....and where are you going?

Not to totally simplify things....but thats how i am.

If you dont need to carry anything but a plinker and some plinking bb's.....wear shorts and a t shirt and put your bb's in your pocket.

If you need to carry .556, 40mm, commo, batts and all that crap....i would wear the vest.

The issues at hand are pretty simple, forget about sweat....your gonna sweat, sweat control is another topic.

What do you need to carry, and what is the most effective way to carry it. Your comfort isn't gonna come from sweat or not, its from how well the weight carries.

When you carry weight in an LBE all the weight is hung from your shoulders. Additionally, all the weight from your ruck is riding directly over those very same shoulder straps.

When you carry weight in a vest, the weight is more evenly distributed, and much of the weight is carried by your hips rather than shoulders.....and there is less conflict with your ruck.

When you patrol, as opposed to drive up, dont wear anything on your legs. You dont need any drop anything on patrol. You need your legs.

Only carry what you need. Nothing wrong with an empty pouch.

When its hot, i fill my empty pouches with frozen juice boxes when i start out..... :)

Its REALLY good in the desert. Put frozen juices in your admin pouch. They keep your heart, and therefor blood cool, and are yummy when they melt.

Need a friend quick? Give someone in a far away land a half frozen juice box out of your pocket and see how quickly they become your pal.