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08-10-2010, 18:28
You may have heard me moan about no place to shoot within 150 miles of my rock. Well, we now have a small range on Big Coppitt Key, MM 12. Stopped in there Saturday and check it out.

You can shoot anything up to 50 BMG as long as it is copper jacket, no AP anything and no lead. Forgot to ask about .22??. I asked twice about the 50 BMG and the kid said yes. Why they would be worried about Wolf steel jacket or ap when their backstop is set up for a 50,, who knows..

They also don't let any reloads in,, must be new factory.

Neg 1 point, I don't reload,, should,, but..

When I asked why,, They keep all brass and don't want reloaded bass in their machines???

Neg 2 points.. I use to get a nickel for brass at the gun shows??

Range time is $10 a day AND $17 per hour..

Neg 3 points, last time I went it was $10

Glasses & Muffs $3 extra.. have my own, thank you.

Neg 1 point

What are your costs around the Forts and inland?? Is $30 @ hr normal these days for an indoor range??

I need some range time,, so I am also hunting for cheep ammo,, I've never used it but I have located CCI Blaser .45 230 FMJ for $00.32 @ rd delivered. Good price??

Here is where I have been looking. Found the Blaser on gunbroker.









08-10-2010, 19:02
Waaaay up north...

Indoor range in the neighboring state is $17.00/hour. If you buy the ammo on site it is $15.00/hour.

They offer memberships at different levels. If you go often enough a $175 membership gets you range time at $3.00/hour; 1 free guest and an ultrsonic cleaning... $225 membership gets you free range time, 3 free guests and 2 cleanings.

08-11-2010, 09:54
The range I go to here in J-ville is $15 for all day shooting. It is an indoor range, so they check your ammo before hand. I buy my own ammo at another place here in town as I do not like what they sell. But when I go shoot, I get out of there spending less than $20 - for targets and if I forget my protection.

08-11-2010, 10:27
I am beginning to think this outfit knows it has a captive audience and will charge accordingly. I pretty sure even the LEO's have to go to the main land to qualify..

Another reason to move up to the Deland - Deltona - Sanford area..