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08-10-2010, 14:21

Then again, not sure if it's really free since I had to fish for it, but hey, it sure beats work!

The bigger one was 20" approximately 2lbs and change. The other bass I wouldn't have typically kept, even threw a couple back, but the TWRA guys told us to keep all we catch since the lake is over run with "skinny small bass", no creel limit and no size limit. Same went for the crappie, though there was a creel limit of 30. Caught them on a spur of the moment trip up to Natchez Trace, TN. Was fun, some fishing, some swimming, then more fishing, all in all a good Sunday. Ahhh, salt encrusted bone in bass... Yum. The rest were promptly fileted. Caught them on baby bass crank baits one deep runner (15' or so) and the other mid depth (6-8'). One was caught on an old school '70s Rebel Wee-R in crawdad brown. Always scared to use that one for fear of losing it, have had it since I was a kid, but always manage to catch something on it.

Habu-MFFI 175
08-10-2010, 20:10
Good deal....small bass are great to eat. The larger ones aren't as good:D THey are better at creating more for the pan.

If enough fish are not taken from a body of water they get stunned. Then all you have is a small flat fish.