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07-28-2010, 09:44
Miami Herald article on alternatives to sunscreen.

The one were you sunscreen your clothes, SunGuard, looks like something we could all use,, especially those with rug-rats..

I know for a fact that I have sunburned thru my shirt after spending long days out fishing here in the Keys.. A sweat-wet t-shirt affords you SPF ZERO..



SUN PROTECTION, Beyond sunscreen: Extra, easy protection against harmful rays Don't have time to reapply sunscreen? These products offer extra protection against the sun's harmful rays. BY LAURA STAMPLER lstampler@MiamiHerald.com

You need only take a short walk through South Beach to observe physical evidence of the relationship between clothing and heat: As the temperature rises, articles are shed. But according to polls conducted by Consumer Report's National Resource Center, 31 percent of Americans never use sunscreen.

Maybe these people cover up with clothes. Unfortunately, the sun is sneaky and can actually do damage to your skin through clothing. The average white tee shirt only has a UPF (the fabric equivalent of SPF) of five. Doctors recommend that one should never leave the house without the protection of an SPF of at least 15.

Current estimates suggest that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime and that over one million melanomas are diagnosed every year.

Given these scary statistics and Miami's aggressive sun, what can you do to stay safe? In addition to lathering up, take a look at these products that can prevent sunburns, melanomas and even crow's feet.


When former Miami PR pitchwoman Corina Biton began running on the beach every day, she began to notice white spots forming on her arm. Even though Biton was wearing a long-sleeve shirt, her dermatologist told her that she was still experiencing sun damage. So Biton founded BloqUV, a Miami-based clothing line carries pants, shirts and jackets with a UPF of 50, which blocks 98 percent of the sun's harmful rays. Items vary in color and style, and come with pockets for iPods and Blackberries. Prices range from $45-$160, and can be found at Fontainebleau resort, Footworks, Canyon Ranch, Biscayne Tennis and various Miami dermatologist offices. More info at bloquv.com .


You can also add UPF protection to your clothes yourself. Add one packet of SunGuard to a load of laundry, and UV protection will be washed directly into your clothing. The UPF of each garment will rise to 30, and the protection will last for up to 20 washes. Go to sunguardandsunprotection.com to buy one box for $1.99 plus shipping. SunGuard is also carried by arts and craft stores including Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts.


When it comes to hats, the bigger the brim the better. Wallaroo Hats, with a UPF of 50+, come in a variety of styles from children's bucket hats to resort-style hats for adults and feature pliable two- to 4 -inch brims for maximum protection. Wallaroos can be found online at wallaroohats.com , or at retail stores including Caity Martin, Capt. Harry's Fishing Supplies, Miami Sun Protections or Petit St. Vincent Resort. Prices range from $10 to $40


Some bracelets can be fashionable and functional. As a part of the Melanoma Initiative, a campaign to educate the public about melanoma detection and prevention, SpaFinder created a line of photosensitive bracelets that change from white to purple when exposed to harmful UVA & UVB rays. The chic ``I Will Reflect'' -- which is written on each bracelet's metal faceplate -- line warns wearers when they are at risk for sun damage and can serve as a reminder to cover or lather up. Wristbands can be purchased for $4.95 at spafinder.com/melanoma or for $3.50 each with orders of 30 or more.


Life Extension's Enhanced Fernblock with Sendara is essentially ``sunscreen in a pill.'' Meant to be used as a complement to sunscreen, Life Extension claims that Fernblock with Sendara inhibits the body's absorption of UV rays, slows the destruction of collagen and maintains healthy levels of cortisal and DHEA to keep skin cells young. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon boast that this vitamin, in addition to regular sunscreen application, helps keep her skin looking youthful and healthy. Going for $28.99, Fernblock with Sendara is sold at The Vitamin Shoppe, Beehive Natural Foods, Health Genesis and Epicure markets.



Unfortunately natural fur coats don't come with UV protection. Dogs, particularly with light-colored and short hair, are often overlooked victims of sunburns and skin cancer. Tugasunwear.com offers a colorful collection of sun-safe clothing for four legged friends -- and they have clothes for people, too. Doggie UPF rash guard shirts cost $20 and visors are $10.