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08-09-2004, 15:04
Originally posted by swatsurgeon
here's a (?) common scenerio........especially around explosions.
I'm going to attach a few pictures of impaled objects

2) piece of a fan blade in the face: few people wear face protection

How do you field manage......be specific..

split thread... case #2 for discussion here

08-09-2004, 15:14
Originally posted by shadowflyer
I am in EMT-Intermediate school right now.

2. Airway managment with OPA/NPA, suction if needed. 02 therapy of NRB at 15l/m or BVM if needed. Control bleeding.Wrap object in place and do not try to remove. Rapid head to toe trauma assessment. IV fluids 2 18g IV NS run it wide open and titrate to mentation of 90-100 mm/hg systolic. Rapid transport.

I know of more advanced airway procedures that could be used but I have not been trained on them yet.