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Cool Breeze
07-20-2010, 16:31
Does anyone know if the "eco-challenges" are still going on and if so, are there any teams being put together? The last one I saw was a few years back in Ecuador. Seems that a team of 18X right out of SFQC would be able to smoke one of those.
Land nav, running, rucking, water ops, etc.
Have also heard that there are mini versions.
If anyone has any info on anything in Central NC, please PM me here.

07-21-2010, 00:39
Although I think the Discovery Channel Eco series no longer exists, here's a start:







Cool Breeze
07-22-2010, 14:15
Thanks for the info. Will look into the links and see what I can dig up. Once I get dialed in, will work on putting a team together. You up for getting smoked like we did in the "old days" back at Mackall? Am guessing that you are out by Asheville or Boone.


07-23-2010, 00:41
You’re welcome. Although I never got smoked at Mackall, I did get smoked in Little Creek - it was a hoot, goodtimes :D

If I weren’t obligated at two facilities I would certainly feel privileged to be considered for your team, just a few more years…then I can have a normal life and do fun stuff :D

Am guessing that you are out by Asheville or Boone.

More towards Boone than Asheville.