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Habu-MFFI 175
07-19-2010, 17:58
FISH...Fishermen in Support of Heroes is gearing up for the next pier fishing event. We have already made arrangements for 18 Wounded Warriors out of FT BRAGG to come down and fish the salt for a day. This trip is absolutely free to the soldier. The pier fees/tackle/and lunch are provided for these guys. The date for this is September 24th. The fishing should be great that time of year.

Also on November the 7th we are sponsoring up to 400 VETERANs to do a free pier day. They must bring there own tackle but the pier pass and lunch is provided. What a way for lots of vets of all branches to come together and enjoy the passion of fishing.

This is a copy of our flier for those days, if you are interested, check out our flyer below. Also check out our website and the events section..

P.O. BOX 292 HUBERT, NC 28539
__________________________________________________ __________
In the spring of 2007 a small group of volunteers banded together in order to host a group of
Wounded Warriors from MCB Camp LeJeune for a pier fishing trip. This has been repeated
every year since. Each year the the numbers of fishermen got bigger as did the need for more
volunteers. The annual trip has become so big and the desire to include wounded soldiers from
Ft. Bragg and our military veterans that FISHERMEN IN SUPPORT OF HEROES, INC. was

In May of 2010, we held our fourth annual pier fishing trip with wounded warriors from Camp
LeJeune. In the remaining months of 2010 we will be hosting our first pier fishing trip with
wounded warriors from Ft. Bragg, on September 24th. In addition, on November 7th we will be
hosting 400 Veteran’s at a free pier fishing day on the Sea View Pier in North Topsail, NC. In
order to provide the quality events we are known for; we rely on donations of money,
merchandise and the donation of time from patriotic Americans such as yourself.
For our VETERAN’S DAY F.I.S.H.’N FEST 2010 we are seeking the help of businesses and
individuals to help us show our Veterans the respect and appreciation they deserve. For this
event we have established several levels at which you can donate. These levels are:
# Co-host $1500
# Sponsor $300
# Partner $100
# P-38 “John Wayne” Club $25
# Donor any lesser amount...lots of $5 dollar donations go a long ways.
The names of donors at the first three levels will appear on all advertisements, flyers, banners
and other media developed after October 1, 2010. All donors, including our “John Wayne” Club
donors will be listed on our website; www.fishheroes.org. All donated money will be placed in
our general bank account and any funds not used for the Veteran’s Day event will be used for
future fishing trips for our wounded warriors and veterans.
Donations can be mailed or given to one of our Board of Directors. Donations can include
merchandise or services in lieu of the full monetary amount, provided the value equals or
exceeds the listed amount. For more information concerning donating merchandise or services
email Richard Phelps at richard@fishheroes.org or phone(910) 330-3263.
__________________________________________________ ____________________________
FISHERMEN IN SUPPORT OF HEROES, INC. is incorporated in NC as a nonprofit corporation for charitable
purposes and is not affiliated with any governmental agency or any other nonprofit organization

07-28-2010, 09:43
Pier fishing is cool and sounds like a great thing --BUT
I would really like to take some of these guys fishing. i'm in SC about 2hrs from Bragg. i'm talking offshore on a boat for the day.

I would like to know who and how i can contact somebody to host some of the SF wounded warriors on a fishing trip here in SC. I am flexible for the most part on dates, weather is is the big unknown. I have a 35ft boat and can host up to four for an offshore fishing trip. weekends preferable as i still work but i can make adjustments if needed.

I Did a king for vets tourney here it was cool but got an 82nd guy and his wife who had gotten out on a medical for wrecking his motorcycle.
not exactly a wounded warrior. no big deal but i really would like to host some guys who deserve a trip. Can you help to get me in touch with somebody who can make this happen.

Habu-MFFI 175
07-28-2010, 21:17
hd.....I read your response and finding additional information that may help you ....:D

Check out this link and see if it helps. Still working on some other info..


There is an event coming up in October in Oak Island, NC. You can volunteer your services. Cannot guarantee what troops that may board your boat.

07-29-2010, 11:17
thanks Habu
I have checked out military appreciation day-- Good event and good organization.
i wasn't able to make it up there this year and thats alot of extra money to pull the boat and tow it up there. Something i'd gladly do for the right guys, unfortunately as these things have become more popular there are alot of mil mil related people showing up for a free day of fishing. The volunteering cpts don't know the difference from guys sitting at the gym and handing out basketballs from guys returning from a traumatic tour in the war zone. Or recuperating wounded vets.
I know the difference and don't want to get stuck like that again. i served with SF for 24yrs and don't owe anybody anything but would love to give back some of my good fortune to some of my warrior brothers. If any QPs are reading this my door and boat are always open to you if you are in the area.
Don't have to be a wounded vet --- i never lost a gun fight either!

Habu-MFFI 175
09-27-2010, 17:44
Friday the 24th F.I.S.H. held their fifth "Warriors Hit the Pier," event at the Sea View Pier in N. Topsail Beach, NC. It was our first event with members of the Warriors in Transition unit from Ft. Bragg. It was an awesome Carolina blue sky day weather wise. Our HEROES arrived a little later then expected but were greeted enthusiastically none the less by a group of 10 volunteers including F.I.S.H. Chairman Richard Phelps and his wife, plus F.I.S.H. Board members Scott Hobbs and John McDow.

In addition, three local ladies from Sneads Ferry and a local business owner from Sneads Ferry were there to greet the HEROES. Patricia Stevens, Ruth Downing and Harriet Torres brought snack bags filled with baked goods and candies for our HEROES and Gerome aka "Dr. Root Beer" Gunz from Dr. Root Beer's Hall of Foam brought over 36 bottles of root beer for our HEROES.

In addition to the goodie bags, each HERO got a tackle bag containing a Quantam Bill Dance baitcasting reel, sunglasses, knife, Princeton E-Tec light, multiple bags of assorted soft plastic baits, two hats, fish towel and a Shakespeare 6'6" baitcasting rod all compliments of F.I.S.H. and donors.

Our Chairman did a great job on the weather but he failed a little bit on his order of fish, however; enough were caught to make everyone happy. We had a really nice school of blues come thru about 11:30 and it was a frenzy resulting in one pier patron catching three at one time. Lots of pinfish were caught resulting in a contest with one soldier and another having a contest to see who could catch the most. A few Spanish Mackeral and a Pompano or two were caught.

Too soon 1600 hours (4:00pm for civilians) came and the HEROES had to get underway on their two and half hour journey back to Ft. Bragg. Handshakes were exchanged and thanks from our HEROES for a great day were given to our volunteers and our volunteers thanked them again for their service to our Country. Our HEROES boarded their bus and van with fish, gifts, root beers but more importantly each had a smile on their face and the gratitude of a small group of proud Americans for their service.

10-04-2010, 23:43

Sounds like an awesome event. Let me know how I can help in the future. If it involves fish and wounded warriors, I'm in.