View Full Version : Charlies, got a question... but anyone can answer

TF Kilo
06-21-2010, 12:54
I've got an aquaintance who's non-military and apparently is helping with a religious mission to an african country that has no reliable water source.

They apparently have reliable rain, but using rain water catchment and purification is not going to be enough even with an acre's worth of land set up to catch water. I suggested a well.

My question: Without mechanical digging equipment (most well digging I have seen is effectively a mini-derrick on tracks up here) what would be the means of drilling a well, and what would the maximum depth to water table be with manual or semi-manual drilling equipment?

I figured if anyone would know, you guys would.

06-21-2010, 13:07
Best way is to have a church fund it thru contractors, even if your friends church will not be able to afford it their are a lot out there that would. They would also need some specific information like soil type, location (some places are easier to get to than others), and water table.


TF Kilo
06-21-2010, 14:17
Thanks, I will pass this on. His original rain water catchment plan wouldn't even provide a quart a day per person reliably... I figured a well would be a much better and more economical option.