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06-20-2010, 22:50
I have no financial interest/ arrangements/kickbacks/ nada in either the Rudy Project or with the dealer.

I purchased a pair of prescription (Rx) Rudy Project ballistic wrap around Rydon sunglasses last year, and wanted to provide an equipment report to the members of this board.
Prior to purchasing them, I did my due diligence, and checked out Oakley’s, Wiley’s, Orvis, and a few brands suggested by PS board members, and local Optometrists.
My requirements were, high quality ballistic glasses that would provide very high ballistic protection, clear sharp vision in a variety of light conditions and physical environments, light weight, very durable, and low maintenance. I wanted prescription lenses that incorporated my progressive/bi-focal prescription as well.
I found a dealer in Tyson’s Corner mall (if anyone is interested PM me and I will provide the name and contact information) and, he spent a good amount of time going over the various models, options for lenses etc. I wanted an expanded progressive lens so that I could drive look at a map/GPS etc and shift back to the road without that refocus/ period that occurs when I use commercial type glasses along with the rest of the above listed requirements. I ended up getting the anti-glare copper lens. I have used them in glaringly bright conditions to low light conditions. Driving in challenging environments, I fired a few weapons, pistols, carbines and used the EO-Tech, no distortions whatsoever. My vision easily transitioned from ranges of 100 meters to the weapon, clearing a stoppage while keeping eyes on the target without fuzziness or distortion. I am guessing that this is not a problem for most of you gentlemen but, for me it was a change. Peripheral vision was crisp, clear while, driving, shooting, on the golf course etc.
The glasses are useful on dusty streets/roads at night where folks have all manner of head lamps of varying brightness and alignment. In those areas where street lights are non-existent while traffic, (vehicle, pedestrian and animal) tend to be free thinkers, seemingly without either situational awareness or self restraint, the glasses provided good utility under those conditions
The frames are very light weight, and the lenses themselves are very tough, I’ve dropped them, stepped on them, slept on them more than once with no damage to either the frames or lenses.
Oakley only offered to make a half dollar size portion of the lenses Rx. Orvis lenses are better suited to fly fishing, and most of the rest only option seemed to be inserts.
The glasses were expensive, I got very good, professional service, and they arrived early.
The dealer went the extra mile to insure that he understood my requirements, once he did, he and wife presented the options, were very knowledgeable about the options, told me which ones were an expensive add on etc. The owner’s came up from North Carolina and, he had done some work for a group of helicopter pilots out of Ft. Bragg who paid for everything using a govt. credit card.

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