View Full Version : Ops Core FAST ballistic helmet and Occ Dial

05-29-2010, 07:01
What is the community’s opinion about the Ops Core FAST ballistic helmet and the Occ Dial liner kit?

My company sells both and we can't keep them in stock. I have spoken to operators who have worn them and they either love them or hate them.

The FAST ballistic helmet is lightweight and high speed with all of the attachment points on the outside of the helmet. The helmet is around $900 out the door-you can buy two custom ACH's for that price.

The suspension system inside the helmet is the Occ Dial. It has a knob on the back that makes it easy to adjust to fit to your head. I have been told the surface of the pads wear and become rough then irritates your skin.


05-29-2010, 11:23
I've got an Occ Dial in my MICH. Best helmet upgrade I've ever used. On the other hand - I don't live in my helmet anymore and I can't begin to vouch for durability issues. If I get a month's wear over the next several YEARS - I've probably been doing things I shouldn't. It does integrate nicely with the Peltors/Sordins though.

05-29-2010, 23:15
If you know where I can acquire one ASAP! I'm all ears.....:D

Stay safe.

Papa Zero Three
05-30-2010, 09:13
It's a way over priced helmet in my opinion. I sat down with one of the head guys from Ops-Core right around the time they were peddling this helmet door to door and was able to give some feedback on it. As a result, they ended up adding a second receptacle/slot on the back of the ARC rail to accommodate a second strap for the O2 mask option as thats the only way it could possibly pass the G force test with the Carlton mask.

However, the OC Dial is worth buying as an upgrade to any helmet as is the ARC rails. A lot of the teams have done these two bolt on upgrades to their team helmets already. The PJ's have bought all of their guys both the Ballistic and the bump(non ballistic carbon fiber shell) versions for use already. Like the ballistic, the bump version of the helmet is way overpriced if all you need is a Pro-tec type of helmet. There is one other manufacturer out there that makes a similar bump style helmet with the OC dial but it doesn't come with the NVG mount and ARC rails. It is about a 1/3 of the price of the Ops-Core bump helmet and does the same thing. Aside from the PJ's, I don't know of any unit buying a lot of the ballistic version, most have the bump version on loan or bought a few to evaluate. Most seem to like the OC dial and some are ambivalent about it.