View Full Version : PCU (Beyond) v. Patagonia (Patagucci), Request Expertise from Experienced Individuals

04-22-2010, 16:54

I've done a quick search to see if anyone's vetted this question but I found nothing (searched "patagonia" since this is a somewhat specific inquiry).

I'm going through and ordering items of the PCU/multi-climate nature and, as I enjoy their kit, am seeking out Patagonia items as much as possible. Though in my quest I have come to understand that, currently, Patagonia isn't producing any of their DAS Parka, Puff, etc garments and is out of stock for many other multi-climate items with no plans of returning stock anytime soon - BUT - they WILL be producing more of a SIMILAR nature in the fall (and gaining stock in their normal multi-climate garments like their R# lines). Also, they will start fielding Alpha Green as part of their standard color lineup so we should expect to see more Alpha Green items commercially available (unfortunately that means at commercial prices, too). One of the suppliers I've been working with has proposed Beyond's PCU lineup directly, instead of Patagonia's items. Upon talking with Patagonia Pro's .Gov Sales guy I've learned that Patagonia "actually designed most of the official PCU items for SOCOM, including Level 9. Beyond's role there was simply to understand the garments to build some off-sizes." That's a direct quote from the aforementioned individual.

So, my question to those of you who may have personal experience, is if PCU/Beyond's garments provided the same comfort and warmth/functionality as Patagonia's direct line? What's your experience with the PCU lineup and how would you compare them to Patagucci? This would, of course, require that you have experience with both brands and I'm not sure how standard or typical that is.

If I looked over an obvious thread result or my search missed out on critical discussion on this topic please accept my apologies and point me in the right direction.

Thank you all for your time and I look forward to many more insightful conversations in the future.


04-22-2010, 18:47
I bought them for work after I read a topic on here. I have the Patagonia and ORC jacket/pants in Level 5. It is very versatile as a wind breaker and rain gear all in one. In the winter I can throw a fleece hoodie under it and I am plenty warm.

Also have a Level 7 vest which I use all the time and Level 7 parka and pants which comes in handy when it is extremely cold.

08-10-2010, 13:12
Beyond/PCU cold weather gear will get the job done however it does not compare to Patagonia's clothing in my opinion. I have used each part of both systems and Patagonia takes the cake hands down in my mind. If you end up going with PCU, I would recommend that you ask for a sample of all layers prior to ordering for the unit/team. I have found that the sizing is different then what most are used to.

Are these your only two options? Are you interested in some other companies?