View Full Version : Orienteering clubs in Tennessee?

04-14-2010, 21:51
As we all know land navigation is crucial in SFAS and throughout the entire SF career so, in my preparation I would like to get as accustomed to the skill as possible. However, I've been looking around the internet trying to find an orienteering club operating in my area but have been unsuccessful thus far. I know I have seen at least one QP from the Nashville area and was wondering if anyone else aroundknew of any clubs that I just haven't found yet. If there are none active around I can always just buy the books and teach myself but some group and a mentor is always better than going solo in my opinion. Thanks for your help guys

04-14-2010, 22:03
The link has some info on setting up a course...



Let me add this...orienteering is great from a conditioning standpoint as well as a navigational standpoint...that said, geocaching is a good tool to develop hand-held GPS and map skills...