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04-11-2010, 08:11
I wanted to ask a small set of questions. And of course if this doesnt harm the security regulations (opsec?)

Now SOF operators (Particularly SEALS and SF) are participating in para jumps and scuba diving. Thats obvious. But the question is - how does it affect your health after lets say first year, next 3,5,10 and 20 ? I heard an interview with some of sof personnel (not from US) that are pretty unhappy the way their health deteriorated after time(supposedly because of jumps and dives). So the question is - how does the health deteriorate during duty in the sof ? What practical pains you can expect after lets say 10 years of duty and being then in your sixties and seventies ? I`d like to hear some examples.

And second question is about nutrition - how big calories intake must an sof personnel typically eat during the day (combat or non-combat) ? If it can be answered of course

04-11-2010, 08:35
Your question most likely is WAY too broad to answer. There are some pretty sharp medics in here that will dazzle you with information, but I would think you have to dial it in a bit before you get "War and Peace" sized articles thrown in your lap.

Is there a specific reason you are asking? This may help the BTDT's frame their response.

The Reaper
04-11-2010, 08:50
It isn't the jumps that hurt you, it is the sudden stops at the end. One bad landing can kill you, and a thousand have no effect. After a few bad landings in a couple of hundred jumps, I broke my back, my pelvis, and at some unknown point, stress fractured both my legs. Most people who have abused their bodies jumping, rucking, etc., get some arthritis, etc. as they age, could be at 35, could be 55, could be never. I really didn't start feeling the arthritis till I was over 40. Now it is significant.

Not a SCUBA guy, but I see no cumulative ill-effects from that in the long term, as long as you don't get bent.

Condolences on your nation's loss, BTW.