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The Breeze
03-31-2010, 19:06
I'm a newly assigned 18B to 3rd SFG and I'm not entirely sure if this is the most appropriate section to post this, but the goal here is to raise awareness and hopefully by posting this, you guys can spread the word and maybe you yourselves or guys you may know may be able to benefit from this..

I'm essentially a liason for a non-profit organization that assists Soldiers in treating the aesthetic wounds of battle by providing them free cosmetic surgeries. I've had quite an experience in my days in the infantry prior to joining the regiment as I have been banged up a few times, and this organization has helped me out on more than one occasion. In Hawaii I had shapnel removal and a full laser resurfacing from a blast injury ($9000 operation free of charge), and just recently in Raleigh I had another shrapnel removal and eyelid/lip reconstruction done from an RPG, also free of charge. This organization has atleast 2 surgeons in each state on their staff willing to provide these free services, and the numbers are growing, so chances are that no matter where you are at, you'll be able to benefit.

Often there are times where although the surgeon will provide his services for free, he still has to pay the anesthesiologist, time in the op room, utensils, medication, etc... This organization picks all that up, costing you just your time and a little recovery. My surgeon who just helped me out in Raleigh is just dying to help out others who require similair surgery, but unfortunately I didn't have any names to give as I am too new to the community. Perhaps you guys can help me out. PM me for any more details or referrals, and I will set you up with the founder and so that you can get looked at.

04-01-2010, 04:50
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This is a great topic and well worth some PR..

You may want to touch base with Special Operations Warrior Foundation

(877) 337-7693

Additionally,, The Special Operations Recruiting Bn. Cpt. Ivan Castro is the Assistant S-3 and TAIR Coordinator and is very active in recruiting & retention of wounded warriors..

Corner of Zabitosky and Ardennes
Fort Bragg, NC, 28310
(910) 432-9739

Good Luck,
Thank you for your service..


04-25-2010, 18:57
something you may want to consider also is contacting the JSOMTC, 910-396-7775. i'm sure they would want to know more about this considering they are the school house who trains all the medics. the number i gave is the CQ number. they'll be able to figure out who to talk to about this.