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Tom Viktor
03-19-2010, 14:04
I would like to join the NG 19th SFG sometime this year if I pass the SFRE and if I'm accepted by the unit. The issue is that I know I will be changing civilian jobs within 6 mos. The new job will require me to attend an out of state federal law enforcement academy for 6 mos. and there may be a chance I would be stationed in another state. My question is, should I wait until I'm settle in my new job or should I join before changing jobs even though I would be leaving the unit for 6 mos to do the academy? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Tom Viktor

03-19-2010, 14:18
What did the unit tell you when you asked them?

03-19-2010, 14:51
If you pass the SFRE and go to the Oral board, the best time to ask is then. If you're taking the SFRE down south, the Company SGM will probably be on the oral board so you can get the answer from the horses mouth.

my two cents speaking from a cop point of view is go to your academy, finish your probation and then apply for NG SF. What happens if you join NG SF during your probation, get injured during training, and you can't go back to work to complete your probation? You're screwed, that's what happens.

Tom Viktor
03-19-2010, 16:39
Thanks for the reply I appreciate the info and advice. As of now, I have not participated in the SFRE. It does make sense to wait since most federal agencies require new agents to complete a probationary period in order to remain employed. I've always thought that being positive is a good thing but one can't ignore the worst case scenario of getting injured, especially when considering Murphy s Law. Currently I'm about to finish my probationary period with my current agency and there is the possibility that once I do I may not be required to do another probationary period with the new agency. I will get clarification from them and go from there.

Thanks again,
Tom Viktor

Tom Viktor
11-22-2010, 20:00
I'm currently a federal leo and I just passed my probation of two years a couple of months ago. So, its time to start training for the next SFRE and to analyze where I will go from there. I'm really excited. Thanks everyone for the great advice.