View Full Version : Army busts abs in training revamp..........

03-17-2010, 17:45
The Associated Press.

New soldiers are grunting through the kind of stretches and twists found in "ab blaster" classes at suburban gyms as the Army revamps its basic training regimen for the first time in three decades...............:cool::eek:;)

Big Teddy :munchin

03-17-2010, 17:46
Haha... 1 tubby tubby, 2 tubby tubby, 3 tubby tubby...

03-17-2010, 18:44
I really don't think that this is new news. When I went through about four years ago, the emphasis was definitely on core and bodyweight exercises, with more rucking than long runs and lots of shuttle runs, wind sprints, 60/120s, etc.

03-17-2010, 19:15
Bout' time there was a change for smarter PT (for longevity).

Green Light
03-18-2010, 05:34
Yep - I'm hobbling around on bad hips and knees. There's a lot of PT we would have done smarter if we would have known. :lifter

03-18-2010, 10:31

I certainly agree.......... :cool: I remember when "squat jumps" were part of the daily dozen,then later heard that they were eliminated because they did more harm than good............ ;)

Big Teddy :munchin