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02-24-2010, 12:04
Presolicitation: https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=2e26490f13e25ba979ce5adae1177258&tab=core&_cview=0


SOCOM is Looking for a New Helmet
Program Manager, Special Operations Forces Survival, Support and Equipment Systems (PM SOF-SSES) has released a pre-solicitation for a “non-commercial, non-developmental Modular Integrated Communication Helmet (MICH) Product Improved Helmet, Type I Ballistic System”.

Requirements include “The Type I MICH-BALLISTIC meets or exceeds all of the current MICH helmet requirements with the added benefit of lighter weight and flexible configuration.” Please note the term “flexible”. This is a level of modularity not available on the legacy MICH and screams FAST helmet from Ops-Core or AIRFRAME helmet from Crye Precision although I am sure BAE will have something to throw at this based on their recent work on the Enhanced Combat Helmet combined with Corona.

The pre-solicitation closes 16 March, 2010 with a full and open solicitation to follow later this year.

02-27-2010, 22:36
Seeing the face shields on the one prototype in the link above made me remember these. They are made by an Indiana company. I have little to no info on them, did meet one of the "investors / consultants." He is a fellow soldier whose buddy started the company. I have little information on them, but they do look interesting. Curious: would anyone here actually wear a helmet with face/cheek shields?