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02-07-2010, 11:24
In late, 1964 the Montagnards in several camps took their LLDB officers and enlisted men captive as a part of a FULRO revolt against the SVN government. In at least one camp the Montagnards killed the officers held captive.

Captain Chuck Darnell managed to disarm the Montagnards in his camp and to have them communicate with those FULRO members in the other camps and all of those insurrectionists either laid down their weapons or disappeared into the surrouding jungles.

Detachment A-311 was split. A-311A, under the command of the Detachment Commander, Capt Darnell, was sent to Buon Sar Par, where it remained until 5 October 1964 at which time the camp was closed.

I had the pleasure to meet with Colonel Darnell (retired) in 1978 in Pacific Grove, CA, where he owned a hot tub company. We spoke many times about his time in SF.